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IntEn Corporation converts our medical practice customers' patient-lists ("panels") exported as comma-separated values (CSV) files from Practice Fusion to CSV files suitable for importing/uploading to CRISP as "initial" (i.e. non-delta) panels. Each exported CSV file we receive from a medical practice is checked for duplicate records (based on CRISP's sorting criteria for patient IDs), and a rudimentary record-validity test is performed in which any record ("panel") which contains one or more empty fields (of the nine required by CRISP) is flagged. For each exported CSV file received from a medical practice customer two sets of four "reports" are returned to that customer as CRISP-formatted CSV files. Each four-file set includes a:

  1. full record-by-record report/conversion regardless of duplicate patient IDs or empty required fields
  2. good record report/conversion, where "good" is defined as all nine fields required by CRISP containing something other than white-space
  3. bad record report/conversion, where "bad" is defined as one or more of the nine fields required by CRISP being empty or containing only white-space
  4. duplicate record report/conversion, where duplicates are defined as records having the same patient IDs (case-sensitive, leading white-space insensitive)

The four reports/conversions listed above are generated for both a "minimum" case and "maximum" case, whereby a:

All reports are sorted by patient ID per CRISP's sorting criteria.

The intent of the eight total generated reports is to allow a medical practice to quickly identify those patient panels under Practice Fusion which will benefit from editing, and to balance maximizing the number of records successfully imported to CRISP by that practice while minimizing the number of records rejected by CRISP when the practice wisely chooses which of the reports (i.e. "full", "good", "minimum", "maximum") to select for uploading to CRISP.

CRISP's definition of a "bad" record (which is less rudimentary than IntEn Corporation's definition) is not simply whether a required field in the record is empty, but - in some cases - whether the data in a field is unreasonable (e.g. alphabetic characters in a field intended for a telephone number) or improperly formatted for CRISP (e.g. dates as CCYY/MM/DD rather than MM/DD/CCYY), ergo the potential need for record/panel validation and correction by the medical practice between that practice's CSV file submissions to IntEn Corporation. Exported records containing dates in Practice Fusion's default format (of CCYY-MM-DD) are converted to CRISP's required format (of MM/DD/CCYY) by IntEn Corporation.

Since the eight "reports" generated by IntEn Corporation per CSV file exported from Practice Fusion by a medical practice/customer are themselves CSV files they can (but are not required to) be edited by practices before importing/uploading to CRISP. For example; Practices wishing to perform delta rather than "initial" imports/uploads to CRISP can edit any "good" CSV file generated by IntEn Corporation by populating the "Member_Status" field (with the string "ADD", "MODIFY", or "DELETE", as appropriate) of every record/panel in the file.


The cost of IntEn Corporation's medical record conversion service is a function of the number and frequency of panels received (as records in exported CSV files) for processing/conversion by IntEn on a per-practice/customer basis:

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